WILD BORE at Sydney Festival, (With Adrienne Truscott and Ursula Martinez) Co presented with Malthouse Theatre
24-28 January (various times)
Details and tickets: here

The first rule of making art is: don't respond to your critics. Three masters of smart, spiky political performance come together in an international supergroup, to prove they are not too afraid to talk out of their arses... 

BOSSY BOTTOM - Australian Tour
Feb - April 2018
Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne (and Sydney if you're lucky)

Details and tickets: here

Zoe has been on hiatus. Sort of. For the past six years, she's been a terrible male comedian with a neckbeard called Dave, winning stacks of awards and tons of great reviews. Whatever. Now she's scraped off the neckbeard and is BAAAAAACK... as herself. 

TRIGGER WARNING at New Zealand Festival
2 & 3 March (6:00pm)
New Zealand Festival Club
Details and tickets: here

Ich Nibber Dibber (by post - with Natalie Rose and Mish Grigor)
5-23 September 
Malthouse Theatre

Details and tickets: here

First loves, bowel movements, birthing moans and the global financial crisis...
post tackle the messy issues, and it's all on tape. In this colossal act of self examination, they fast forwarding through 10 years of camaraderie and captured key moments, embarrassing, hilarious and profound. 
In a single sprawling conversation, the three post women come of age and a decade of history is distilled to gleeful incomprehensibility and wild revelations.  

Australia: helen.townshend@token.com.au 

TWITTER: @zoecoombsmarr INSTAGRAM: @zoecoombsmarr FACEBOOK: Here 
WIKIPEDIA: Here (Needs some work. Feel free to have a crack)